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Paris and in Vienna to the danger of tacitly permitting the disabilities of the Jews to be perpetuated in the Ottoman Empire, and they addressed the following Memorial to Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs :—
London, 18(A January, 1876.
My Lord,—As the present time appears opportune for remedying the serious grievances of the large Jewish population in the Turkish dominions, we, Members of the Council of the Anglo-Jewisla Association, beg leave to address your Lordship in reference to this important subject.
We are especially induced to submit this matter to your Lordship's kind consideration in consequence of the prevailing rumour that Her Majesty's Grovernment intend to urge upon the Government of H.I.M. the Sultan the concession of such reforms as will remove the several disabilities under which the Christian subjects of the Porte are labouring.
The Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association would earnestly solicit your Lordship at the present juncture to bear in mind the claims of the Jewish inhabitants of the Turkish Empire, and would beg you to include the Jewish people in any representation that may be made to the Porte for the removal of those laws, the operation of which presses upon all non-Maho-medans, and, in many instances, with especial severity upon the Jewish community.
We have the honour to remain your Lordship's Most humble and most obedient servants,
(Signed) Barrow H. Ellis, K.C.S.I. ) T7.
Alfred Gr. Henriques,
Chairman Executive Committee.
E. A. Franklin, Treasurer.
A. Lowy, Secretary.
The Eight Hon. the Earl of Derby,
H.M.'s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
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