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faith of Israelites shall not be debarred, on the score of such religious profession, from any of those rights which may be granted to the adherents of any other religious denomination, and that before the law there shall be no distinction on account of religious belief. As Israelites we feel that we can meet our fellow-men as equals, and we believe we are met by our fellow-men with the same sincere and cordial expression of that fundamental precept which our great legislator, in the darkest period of human history, taught mankind : ' Thou slialt love thy neighbour as thyself.'
" On the broad basis of equal right and justice, the Israelites have been emancipated in every enlightened country of the Old and New Worlds; and we point with satisfaction to the acknowledged fact that wherever disabilities and exclusive laws have been removed, our co-religionists have proved themselves true and loyal subjects, and worthy of the same rights that are accorded to followers of other religious creeds.
" In thus addressing your Majesty, we feel we are uttering the ardent desires of every member of our community—a community which includes thousands of Israelites, who still cherish as their vernacular the language of the noble and beautiful country ruled by Your Glorious Majesty, and who, after the lapse of four centuries, look back with pride on the influence which their ancestors exercised in the pursuit of humanizing arts and sciences, and which Spain, in the fulness of its influence, radiated throughout all Europe. Indeed, it is a truth of which history gives ample evidence, that many of the Spanish Israelites emulated their gifted fellow-countrymen in spreading abroad that knowledge by which nations prosper, and through which all races are placed on the level of beneficial intercourse and of mutual good will.
" We devoutly hope that to Your Majesty's Constitutional Government will be reserved the glorious task of declaring, that Spain holds as sacred those rights of conscience which modern civilisation freely accords to
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