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collect interesting and useful information, for which he received the thanks of the Council.*
Since the receipt of that letter, several attempts have been made to maintain a regular correspondence with gentlemen visiting Aden, and with some residents, who it is believed take an interest in the progress of education.
The Council, desiring to continue their previous efforts for securing a full enjoyment of civil and political rights to Jews in Spain, considered it opportune to address the following Memorial to H. M. King Alphonso XII., whilst the new Constitution was being discussed by the Cortes.
" We, the undersigned, respectfully venture to approach Your Most Catholic Majesty, in our capacity of representatives of the Anglo-Jewish Association, whose efforts are devoted to the moral, social, and intellectual elevation of the Jews in various countries; and first we humbly beg leave to give expression to sincere felicitations on beholding that under the glorious rule of Your Majesty, Spain, now pacified, is destined to enter upon that path of tranquillity which always assures the development of national prosperity.
" Faithful to our mission, which is favourably regarded by the enlightened Governments of Europe, and actuated by motives that may not unworthily claim the generous attention of Your Most Catholic Majesty, we venture to memoralize Your Majesty to confirm by legislative act the principle, that those who hold the
* An abstract of Mr. Brasch's letter is given in Appendix GL p. 54,
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