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Elizabeth. In addition, the interests of the Association are most faithfully advocated by the Revs. B. Berliner (Bristol), Ii. Levin (Cheltenham*), and Dr. J. Strauss (Bradford*), Messrs. Wolf Cohen (Dublin*), Samuel Morris (Glasgow*), and Miss Rosa Jacobs (Hull*). Among those who have materially aided the interests of the Association may be also mentioned Mr. Joseph Bennaton of Rio de Janeiro.*
The Council are gratified to state that a Branch is being formed at Adelaide (South Australia) by the Rev. A. F. Boas, aided by Mr. Solomon Saunders, Mr. S. Schlank, and others.
Some information having been obtained from Sir Barrow Ellis regarding the Beni Israel, a community of Jews settled in India, the Secretary addressed himself to Mr. GrUmput Survotum Manlcar, a Hindoo gentleman of great intelligence, who promised to transmit any communications which this Association might be disposed to make to the leading members of the Beni Israel. A series of questions was accordingly prepared, and was forwarded by Mr. Mankar. The replies which were obtained will for the first time bring under notice a section of Jews hitherto but little known in history. The particulars received will be found ill Appendix D., page 43, and will without doubt prove of interest to the readers of this Report, A large number of Jews in the British Empire may thus be enabled to receive some of the benefits for which this Association has been established.
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