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Deputies. A proposal was therefore made by tlie Council to the Board, to agree upon a plan whereby harmony of action might be established without encroaching on the constitution or the autonomy of either body. Delegates were accordingly appointed by the Anglo-Jewish Association and by the Board of Deputies, and a conference was held on the 25th of May, when Mr. Alfred Gr. Henriques submitted and explained a scheme devised with the view of effecting these objects. The further consideration of the scheme is still pending.
Frequent applications have been received, both through the Alliance Israelite in Paris, and direct from correspondents in Asia, soliciting the Association to train teachers, who should be capable of giving instruction in the English language at Jewish schools in the East. The extreme importance of providing such teachers has been pointed out in former Reports, and is deemed by the Association as urgent as the establishment of schools in the large centres of Jewish population in the East.
It had been assumed that these requirements could be met by grants out of a fund referred to in last year's Report, page 16. The Council regret, however, that the intended donation is not now at their disposal, as they were unable to comply with certain conditions which the donor attached to his gift. They accordingly resolved to relinquish all further claim to that donation.
Endeavours having been made to raise a Special Education Fund,* the attempt is being generously * See Appeal; pp. 99, 100;
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