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Rev. George J. Emanuel, B.APresident. L. C. Cohen, Esq., Treasurer.
Alfred Jacob, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
P. Aaron, Esq. M. Berlyn, Esq. A. S. Blanckensee, Esq. N. Bloch, Esq. J. BROWN, Esq.
A. Danziger, Esq. J. Emanuel, Esq.
D. Fridlander, Esq. M. J. Goldsmid, Esq.
B. L. Joseph, Esq. S. Landeck, Esq.
J. Lazarus, Esq. J. M. Levi, Esq. A. Levin, Esq. Soloman Marks, Esq. M. Moses, Esq. M. Myers, Esq. H. Nathan, Esq. E. Noah, Esq.
Jacob Phillips, Esq. John Phillips, Esq. J. Zepler, Esq.
The first Branch of the Universelle Israelitish Alliance was established in this community at a public meeting held 2nd June, 1867, resulting from a powerful and eloquent appeal previously made from the pulpit by the minister, the Rev. G. J. Emanuel, B.A. His efforts being well seconded by the Executive of the congregation a complete success was achieved, and 119 members were then enrolled.
The Branch continued to remit its subscriptions, and to correspond with the Central Committee in Paris, until the outbreak of the Franco-German War, when, owing to the distant objects of the Association and a want of nearer intercourse and sympathy, caused partly through interrupted communication and distance, the Branch languished for a time and became almost extinct. On the inauguration of the kindred Association in London, a public meeting was held, and it was resolved to affiliate the Branch with the Anglo-Jewish Association.
Within the last few weeks a written appeal, issued by the President and followed by a personal canvas by the Committee, has resulted in the acquisition of 136 subscribers, and it is hoped this number will shortly be increased.
The Committee venture to suggest to the parent Society the necessity of continually keeping alive the interest of its members in the objects of the Association, and they think this desideratum
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