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religions fervour of a few great and noble men, of whom some have, alas! passed away, its adherents have gradually increased in number, and are at this hour flocking to it from the four quarters of the globe. Our branches have become more numerous and are continually increasing. In the first year we had but three, viz., Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool; in the second year to these were added New South Wales and Ballarat; while during the last twelve months branches have been formed at Cape Town and Port Elizabeth (the one representing the Western and the other the Eastern province of the Cape of Good Hope), in Africa; Sandhurst, Canterbury, Auckland, Hobart Town, and Dunedin, in Australia and New Zealand, and at Gibraltar, in Europe; and one is in course of formation at Tangiers, in Morocco. With all of these, constant communication is kept up, and from all we have received strong proofs of sympathy. Our adherents, who at the close of the Session, 1871-72, numbered but 600, have to-day increased to 1,000.
But we are not, and shall not rest satisfied with this-; our efforts must be continuous and continued until we shall have enrolled in our ranks every English-speaking Jew; then, and then only, will our work be in a measure accomplished and part of our mission fulfilled, for then we shall have contributed our quota to the great work upon which we are engaged, that of completing the "Universality" of the " Israelitish Alliance."
This is what we hope to do, and every day brings us nearer to the goal. Our work is so great and so holy that we feel convinced it needs only to be known to be appreciated. Its aim is to promote the moral, social, and intellectual well-being of the Jew, wherever situate, to free him from persecution, and help him to gain that place among the nations which it is his mission to fill. To us, the Jews of England, who enjoy all the blessings of freedom, who breathe the air of liberty, and to
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