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be clings to the banner of his faith. He has hitherto been deemed unworthy to partake of any military distinctions. It is currently believed, however, that the Russian Government will take a more benignant attitude towards those whom it wishes to animate with a sense of loyalty ; and that it will discontinue all differences in the mode of compensating those who are ready to sacrifice their life's blood for the welfare of their native land. Indeed, it has been stated that Russia will set a good example to some countries where promotion awaits one section of brave men, because they happen to be of one particular class of believers; and where frigid neglect awaits another section of brave men, because they happen to belong to a different class of believers.
In conclusion, I wish to mention that among the Russian Jews there are those who expect that the new military law will bring about an entirely new era of prosperity for the children of the Jewish faith. But how shall this happy era come to pass ? Their opinions are well conceived and may one day reach the heart of Imperial justice. Expressed in a few words, they are to the following effect: " Male and female education must be made free from repressive measures. Censorship—the mediaeval outrage on common sense, doing no good except to the few holders of office who profess to trim the lamp of humanity —censorship must pass away just as a kindred institution, the disgraceful inquisition of Spain, has passed away. Bribery, practicable in a country where the voice of truth cannot reach the ears of disinterested men in authority, bribery which gathers a troop of deceitful hirelings round the tribunals of fair justice, is expected to be an unheard-of crime. And it is to be hoped that the high-minded ruler who emancipated his Christian serfs, will live to emancipate his Jewish subjects ; for they, even in their untoward condition, belong to the most gifted, and most useful, as well as the most peaceable of the inhabitants of the Russian empire."
160, Portsdown-road, W. June, 1874.
The following is the text of the vote of thanks to the Rev. Mr, Lowy, passed by the Council at a meeting held 2nd June, 1874 :
"That the most cordial thanks of the Council are due and are hereby tendered to the Rev. A. Lowy for the manifold sacrifices
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