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pleaders, who will dispassionately study and advocate the cause of their people in all its social, traditional and historical hearings, and who will take care that the Government, desirous of doing its duty, shall obtain a proper knowledge concerning the state of its Jewish subjects, without having to resort to the services of self-appointed spies and traducers for the collection of necessary data.
Encouragement to libelling the Jews is given by some Russian journalists, who make it their daily business to blacken the Jewish character, and who do not venture to renounce the cowardly system of injuring an undefended people ; since they would run the risk of losing the staff of their patrons whom they themselves have gradually taught to become stolid Jew-haters. Under such disadvantages the position of the Jew is surely bad enough, but it grows even worse through the agency of other causes of which only a few can here be named.
Amongst those Jews who were actuated by sordid motives to abjure their allegiance to their religion, there are men who have made a name as authors, and who are endowed with insinuating social qualities. Some of these have gained an extensive influence in society. They have secured for themselves lucrative posts, by putting forth a strange mixture of distorted truth and positive fiction, whilst professing to describe the peculiarities of their brethren whom they have left behind in the mournful struggles of life. These egotists, like similar characters in other lands, supply the Anti-Jewish press with exhaustless materials for malignant invectives. There can be no question that this wholesale mode of doing mischief entails most pernicious consequences to Russian J ewish subjects, and retards the general progress of civilization. It is true the attacks upon the Jews are but ephemeral, but they do not. die away when the assailants retire from the scene of injurious action. Persons high in power may by degrees imbibe prejudices and antipathies, which then descend into the lower and lowest grades of society. Such bad impressions are not eradicated even by the efforts of some better disposed Jewish converts who now and then are found to employ their pens to silence the ever-recurring slander.
It has become a.topic for vituperation that the poorer classes of Jews are not willing to adapt themselves to husbandry, The fact of their unwillingness is true ; the circumstances, however, which render this-disinclination unavoidable have never been fairly examined, although they deserve a prominent notice.
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