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10. Half of the members of the Council shall retire annually in rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election. The portion of the Council to retire at the end of the first year shall be determined by arrangement or by lot.
11. The Council shall be elected once every year at a general meeting of the members, and shall have the power to fill up such vacancies as may occur in its body, during its term of office, among those elected at the annual general meeting. No one elected to the Council shall be considered as a member until he signify his acceptance of such membership by letter or otherwise.
After the annual election, should the number of members of the Council be found to be less than thirty, a general meeting shall within a month be specially convened to supplement the election by filling up vacancies.
12. The Council shall, at its first meeting, elect a President, Vice-Presidents, and Treasurer, and shall have power to appoint a Secretary and other salaried officers.
Jewish members of Parliament, willing to accept the office, shall be ex-officio Vice-Presidents and members of the Council.
13. The Council shall meet on the first available Thursday, or on such other day as may be determined, once in every month from October to July inclusive. The Council may be convened whenever occasion shall require. Five members shall form a quorum.
14. All questions shall be decided by a majority of votes. The President, or presiding Chairman, shall, in the case of equality ot votes, have, in addition to his own, a casting vote.
15. The Council shall, at its first monthly meeting, elect an Executive Committee, consisting of not less than ten members, of whom three shall form a quorum.
16. The Executive Committee shall have power to transact all ordinary business. It may, in conjunction with the President, or one of the Vice-Presidents, initiate action ; and, in cases oi emergency, the Chairman of the Executive Committee may do so with like assistance ; but this last-mentioned power shall be used only when it is impossible to convene a meeting of the Council, and, in the event of its being used, a meeting of the Council shall be summoned with all practicable despatch.
17. The Executive Committee shall, at each meeting of the Council, report its proceedings since the preceding meeting.
18. Branches of the Association shall be regulated in accordance with bye-laws already framed, or to be hereafter framed, by the Council,
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