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tectorate the prosperity of the island has gradually decreased, and there has been considerable emigration of the better classes, Christians as well as Jews, chiefly to Alexandria, Constantinople, and Smyrna. , During the 'English rule the school called the Talmud Torah School (but never exclusively such) received a subsidy of £150 sterling per annum from the Government, and afforded to its scholars a sound, and I may say, even a superior -education, to judge from our informants, two of whom were educated there : English, as well as Italian, Greek, and Hebrew were taught. At present all the assistance the Institution receives from ..the Greek Government is the payment of a very small stipend (about £20) to a very indifferent Greek master. The former efficient head of the establishment has set up a private school on his own account, which has attracted all the respectable and paying portion of the children of the community. Local subscription in aid does not exceed £40 a year, and this is all the school has had for the last few years to depend on. No. wonder that the pupils do not exceed 140, and that the instruction is of a very inferior nature. A meeting of gentlemen connected with Corfu was held here last Sunday, when 15 subscriptions to the amount of £40 annually were promised. Erom what I hear, this amount would be willingly passed through the hands of anybody that would undertake the efficient management of the Corfu School. The gentlemen who waited on us are. all members of our Association, and I am sure that their representation will meet with due consideration at the hands of your Council.
I remain, &c.,
PAUL SUSMAIsT, Hon. Secretary.
Herbert G. Lousada, Esq.
The facts being as stated in the above letter, the Council, on the recommendation of the Education Committee, resolved to grant the sum of £40 for one year, subject to conditions designed to promote the efficiency of the school and control its government. These conditions are identical with those imposed by the Alliance upon all schools to the support of which it contributes, and are as follows :—
1st. The formation of a Local Committee, whose duty it shall be to superintend the school, and to deliberate on all
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