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no Jewish school at Bagdad, for the contrary is the case. An establishment exists, which has been munificently patronised by the princely house of Bassoon, and is attended by pupils who, as is testified by" the resident Consuls and others, have already attained considerable proficiency in their studies. In the curriculum English is included, and the Association has been asked to contribute in whole or in part towards the salary of the English teacher, and will be prepared to take the matter into consideration as soon as it is in possession of the information which it has sought at the hands of the Alliance.
Early in the present year the Council were invited to assist the Talmud Torah school at Corfu. It should be mentioned that this subject was referred to the Association by the Board of Deputies, to whom the application had been made in the first instance, and who were unable to entertain it. The Education Committee communicated with the Manchester Branch on the subject, from whom the following letter was received, which contains all the statistics on the subject:—
Manchester, February 11th, 1874.
Dear Sir,—A deputation of gentlemen connected with Corfu waited to-day on Mr. Henriques and myself to urge the claims of the Jewish school of that island to the assistance of the An o'lo-Jewish Association or from the Alliance Israelite. A portion of the information which these gentlemen gave us, you will no doubt see in a letter appearing in the last number of the Jewish Chronicle, signed S. Levy, the writer of which was one of the deputation.
The town of Corfu contains 25,000 inhabitants, of whom • 5 000 are Jews of the very lowest class, with comparatively very few exceptions. They are porters, washermen, scavengers, and hewers of wood. Since the cessation of the English pro-
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