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or a ventilator, serves a large family as sitting-room, kitchen, dining-room, and bed-room. The only remedy for this deplorable state of things would be the formation of model lodging-houses, and such institutions would succeed admirably, not only from a philanthropic but also from a financial point of view. Moreover, the Rothschild Hospital should be enlarged; the dispensary should be better stocked ; and consultations given gratis to the poor, who should be visited free of charge at their houses. Reforms must be introduced into the financial and administrative systems of the community so as to enable these to contribute to the improvements which are necessary. The action of a Spanish newspaper would be very useful. Without taking any side, such a paper should address itself to the mass, and instruct them and prepare them gradually for the introduction of these reforms. It would also be useful to enlist the local press so that it might raise the Jewish population in the eyes of the other communities of Smyrna.
For a long time past the Alliance of Paris and this Association have been occupied by a proposal to establish an industrial school at Bagdad, the effect of which, we are told, would be most beneficial to the Jews of that town, whose condition, as depicted by accredited correspondents of the Alliance, is utterly wretched and miserable. " Their education has been entirely neglected; their manners are so gross, and their appearance so sordid and sad, that the only remedy for such evils and for effecting their regeneration, is their removal from their homes and their being placed under effectual supervision in an institution established for their instruction in mechanical trades." To do this, however, would be very expensive, and it is this consideration again which deters the Alliance from making the attempt. The matter is, however, now being considered, and probably some result will before long be arrived at in the matter.
It must not be inferred from the above that there is
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