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The Council may state, in conclusion, that the considerable sums from time to time advanced by M. Goldschmidt, of Paris, to the Alliance, for the purpose of the Jaffa School, have been recently made an absolute
gift to that institution.
The School at Smyrna, the proposed establishment of which was mentioned in our last annual report, was opened early in this year with 150 pupils, and is in good working order. The building has cost 13,800 fcs. The head master is M. Caz6s, one of the most able of teachers employed by the Alliance, and under his care the success of the school may be regarded as certain. A visiting committee has been appointed, the members of which have undertaken to visit the school at least once a week. Dr. Scherzer, the Austrian Consul-General in Smyrna, has also taken great interest in it, and has promised to do his utmost to assist it. He firmly believes that the only means of improving the condition of the Jews in the East, is to diffuse instruction among them, and to instil into them a knowledge of useful pursuits, and imbue them with ideas of civilisation and progress.
Recent accounts received from the school state that it is now attended by some 300 boys, who are taught Hebrew, Turkish, and French. To these it is suggested that English should be added. One-third of the children are poor orphans, and receive gratuitous instruction ; the other two-thirds are divided into three paying categories, according to the means of their parents.
The Council of the Association have determined to vote the sum of £70 for the current year towards the salary of the head master. It may be remembered that a similar grant was made last year, and, as the Council have every reason to be satisfied with the
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