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present 29 pupils, whose ages vary from 13 to 16 years. Four are employed as carpenters; the same number serve with shoemakers in Jaffa; two are smiths; the remainder are kept at work in the fields and gardens. Four come from Rhodes, nineteen from Jerusalem, three from Jaffa, two from Hebron, one from Damascus, two from Aden, and seven from Constantinople. The average age of the pupils is 14| years. Eight of them are orphans without either father or mother; four are without fathers, two without mothers; and five have both parents living. Seventeen belong to the Sephar-dim and twelve to the Ashkenazim Congregation.
Mr. Netter has been unfortunately compelled by ill health to leave the colony for some months, and it is now under the charge of Mr. Schamasch, a native of Bagdad, and formerly a pupil of the school of the Alliance at Paris, andwho appears to have great influence on both Arabs and Jews. The buildings have suffered much from storms, and repairing is going on. The land looks cleanly farmed, but the colony cannot expect to be a commercial success for some time to come; there is, however, good reason to hope that after five or six years it will do remarkably well. It is in a good situation, and excellently supplied with water. Mr. Netter has done much, and is very popular in the neighbourhood.
The Institution being still in need of money, the Council resolved about three months ago to come again to its assistance, and accordingly determined to place at the credit of the central administration of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, in furtherance of the objects of the Agricultural School at Jaffa, the sum of £100 without condition, and a further sum of £100 on condition that at least £400 more be contributed by kindred institutions on the Continent or elsewhere; the monies provided by us to be applied on the same footing as the direct provision of the Alliance for these objects.
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