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secure an equal protection to all its subjects without distinction of religion or nationality, you may rest assured that your coreligionists in Arabia will find themselves treated in the same manner as their fellow-subjects of other religions. As to the special impost laid on them according to the information mentioned in your letter, I have called the attention of the Imperial Government to it, and I do not doubt that they will hasten to put an end to any such exceptional treatment.
I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
(Signed) MUSURUS.
Baron Henry de Worms,
President, Anglo-Jewish Association.
Foreign Office, January 13, 1874.
Sie,—I am directed by Earl Granville to acknowledge the receipt of your letter requesting, on behalf of the Anglo-Jewish Association, that a representation be made to the Porte by Her Majesty's Government, drawing attention to the illtreatment to which the Jewish population of Yemen are subjected, in the hope that some steps may be taken to alleviate their present sufferings.
In reply, I am to state, that in compliance with your request, Lord Granville will instruct Her Majesty's charge 'd'Affaires at Constantinople to bring this matter to the notice of the Porte, but as these Jews are not British subjects, Mr. Locock will only be enabled to give your letter his unofficial support.
I am, Sir, your most obedient, humble servant,
Baron Henry de Worms,
7, Furnival's Inn.
Imperial Ottoman Embassy,
London, 26th January, 1874.
Sie,—Having, as I informed you by my letter of the 5th instant, transmitted to the Imperial Government your communication of the 16th ultimo, and its enclosures, 1 have the pleasure to acquaint you that I have received an answer from His Excellency, Eashid Pacha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, stating that the Sublime Porte will transmit to the Imperial authorities of the Vilayet of Yemen orders to treat the
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