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that the Government of Turkey has been distinguished no less by its sentiments of humanity than by the largeness of its religious views, and has been, moreover, especially remarkable for the protection it has extended to all its subjects of whatever creed.
Your Excellency is aware that by recent events the Jews of Yemen, and especially those of Sanaa, have had the good fortune to become the subjects of the Sublime Porte; but perhaps your Excellency may not be aware that for many years past these Jews have been the victims of systematic persecution and oppression.....Our brethren at Yemen have hailed with delight the change of Government in their unhappy country, and congratulate themselves on being now placed under the protection of the laws of humanity; but, as this event has only recently taken place, sufficient time has not yet elapsed for the correction of the abuses complained of. Under these circumstances, I venture to ask your Excellency to bring the subject under the notice of the Turkish Government, and to urge it to grant to the Jews of Yemen the same protection which it extends to all its other subjects, thereby preventing the repetition of the many acts of barbarity and spoliation to which they have been subjected in former years, and furthermore to direct that they may be relieved from the burden of special imposts which are now, and have hitherto been, laid upon them, and by which they have been brought to the verge of ruin.
I have the honour to remain, your Excellency, Yours obediently,
HENRY DE "WORMS, President. HERBERT G. LOTISADA, Solr. and See-
To His Excellency Musurus Pacha.
In reply to these the following communications were received :—-
Imperial Ottoman Embassy,
London, 5th January, 1874.
Sir,—I duly received at the time your letter of the 16th ult., and its enclosure, on the subject of the grievances of the Jews of Yemen, and especially those of Sanaa, and by the last post I made it my duty to transmit your communications to the Imperial Government.
The principle and practice of the Sublime Porte being to
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