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had delayed to communicate until we returned to Tangier, in order that we might forward it to you through the friend of all, the above mentioned minister.
Wishing you well. Friendship.
26, Rabea, the 1st year, 1291. The Officer of the Court, exalted by God.
(Signed) MAHOMMED BARGASH, May God be merciful to him.
True translation
For upwards of eighty years the Jews of Sanaa (the capital of Yemen), have been the victims of repeated persecutions, false accusations, exactions, and insults, and, until about twelve years ago, to these were added the obligations imposed upon them of performing the most degrading offices, such as scavengers and night-soil men. . From this none, not even the Rabbins and the Chiefs of the communities were exempt; and, although money payment was offered by way of commutation, it was not accepted. Several years ago the Jewish inhabitants of Sanaa appealed for help to the Jews of this country, and a communication was then addressed to Her Majesty's Minister for Foreign affairs by the Board of Deputies asking him to instruct Her Majesty's Resident at Aden to intercede with the authorities on behalf of the Jews, and to stop the persecutions to which they were subjected. Sanaa was, however, at that time in a state of anarchy, and the Resident found it impossible to effect any good. On the arrival of the Turkish troops in Sanaa, the Jews were relieved by Mushir Pacha, the Ottoman general, from these acts of oppression ; but, in consequence of false representations made by the Arabs, a poll-tax was levied upon them, which, reduced as they are to utter misery by reason of previous misfortunes, they are unable to pay. They were
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