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Translation of a letter addressed by the Moorish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cid Mahommed Bargash, to the President of the Anglo-Jewish Association, dated 13f/i May, 1874.
Praise to the One God!
To our honourable friends the President and Elders of the Jewish communities dwelling in Europe.
After making enquiries regarding you and regarding your welfare, and beseeching God to preserve us and you in health and happiness, we have to acquaint you that we received through our friend the Minister Plenipotentiary of the Queen of Great Britain, Sir J. D. Hay, the letter you addressed to the presence of our Lord, Exalted by God, the mighty Sultan, our Lord andmaster Hassan—may God cause him to'be honoured and protected—in which you congratulate the Presence, exalted by God, and who puts his trust in the Almighty, on his succession to the kingdom of his honourable and blessed ancestor, and on his being seated on their throne, and you offer expressions of good will to His Sheriffian Presence, and your prayers for the welfare of His Majesty, may God give honour to him. You ask for a renewal of the protection granted to your Jewish brethren in these happy dominions, protected by God, and that our Lord, may God assist him, should act towards them as his sire, the blessed by God, and confirm the Sheriffian edict issued to them by our (late) beloved Lord, through the hand of the excellent Sir Moses Montefiore, and other matters as related by you.
We forwarded your letter to the Sheriffian presence of our Master, and our Lord, may God give him honour, received it with favour, and has ordered us, may God assist him, to reply that your letter had reached him, and that our Lord had accepted it in a suitable and favourable manner. With regard to your brethren in the happy dominions of our Lord, He, may God give him honour, has placed them under his shadow, our Prophet, may God accept prayers through him, recommended that these subjects and taxed people should be protected, and our Lord, may God assist him, will respect also with due consideration the honoured edict issued to the Jews by our Lord, blessed by God, and our Lord will continue to put it in force, and will extend them, if it please God, justice and benevolence, not permitting that injustice be done unto them, and that there should be no hindrance in their obtaining justice either in the towns or country.
The above are the contents of the Sheriffian reply which we
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