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happy, peaceful, and prosperous reign, that He may shower every blessing upon you, and cause your Sheriffian Majesty to live in the hearts of your Majesty's loyal and devoted subjects.
We further humbly pray and beseech your Sheriffian Majesty to extend your Majesty's special protection to those members of our faith who reside in your Majesty's dominions, and who have ever proved themselves to be loyal and devoted subjects of your Sheriffian Majesty, and especially to maintain the Imperial Firman, granted in 1864, by your Majesty's predecessor, of happy memory, to our venerable co-religionist, Sir Moses Montefiore, by virtue of which especial protection was granted to the lives and property of His Sheriffian Majesty's Jewish subjects, and which secured to them the full enjoyment of all civil rights, and that equality before the law which is granted to the other loyal subjects of your Sheriffian Majesty.
Ad. CR3SMIEUX, President.
S. H. GOLDSCHHIDT, Vice-President.
K". LEYEiST, Secretary.
H. de WORMS, President.
R. D. SASSOOjNT, Vice-President.
HERBERT G. LOTJSADA, Solicitor and Secretary.
We have great pleasure in laying before our readers the following letter from the Foreign Office, together with a translation of the Emperor's reply to the above address.
Foreign Office, May 28, 1874.
Sir,—With reference to your letter of the 9th of January last forwarding a congratulatory address for transmission to the Emperor of Morocco, I am now directed by the Earl of Derby to enclose to you herewith the answer of His Majesty, accompanied by a translation, which has been received through Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient humble servant,
The Secretary, Anglo-Jewish Association.
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