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following are the particulars :—A poor Israelite at Fez, being very ill, was ordered the use of vapour baths. But as the Israelites of Morocco are not permitted to have such baths in their ghetto, and are, moreover, refused admittance to those in the Mahomedan quarter of the town, the invalid prevailed upon the person in charge to let him have secretly the benefit of a vapour bath; and, as he came in, he was supported by two brother Israelites. The matter was betrayed, and on leaving the bath they were surrounded by a furious mob. They were then bound with ropes by the soldiery, and thus led through the streets of Fez, the rabble around them savagely striking them with sticks, hammers, knives, and stones, so that their track towards the Governor's house was marked by pools of blood. One of the poor victims lost an ear, and the others sustained severe injuries. The barbarous governor ordered that they should receive 500 blows with a rod, and be cast into prison; and it was also believed that the Sultan, in consequence of their having profaned an Arab bath, would cause them to be beheaded.
The President of the Association immediately on receipt of this intelligence addressed a letter to Earl Granville, acquainting him with the facts, and asking him to instruct the Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Morocco to use his good offices with the view of inducing His Sheriffian Majesty to order the liberation of the unfortunate prisoners, and to represent to him that such practices were in direct contravention to his Firman granted to Sir Moses Montefiore, through the good offices of the British Government, in 1864, and to' the solemn assurances recently reiterated by His Majesty to H.B.M. Minister Plenipotentiary, and that vigorous measures be taken to prevent their recurrence. In reply to this letter, a communication was received from the Foreign Office, to the effect that H.M. Minister at Tangiers had been instructed to inquire into the matter and report the result; and
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