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We would ask you to be good enough to study the question, and to see whether the Anglo-Jewish Association would not contribute to this great undertaking in such manner as it may
deem most advisable......The sum total expended by the
Central Committee on this work, from its commencement to the present time, is 178,944f. 50c.
The Committees in Germany have proposed to convoke a Conference for the purpose of considering the position of the Russian Jews. It would be useful, and we should be very glad, if a member of your Council would attend this meeting, which will probably take place about the month of April.
I am, yours very faithfully,
Ad. CBEMIEUX, President.
To the President of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
The Invitation contained in the last letter was accepted, and the Rev. A. Lowy was .kind enough to consent to go to Konigsberg to attend the Conference, and to represent the Association on the occasion.
The reverend gentleman also visited some parts of Russia in order to make himself more fully acquainted with the position of the Russian Jews. The Council cannot sufficiently express their gratitude to him for the sacrifices which he made, and the fatigue which he underwent in this long journey, undertaken voluntarily and solely in the interests of his co-religionists, and which in itself evidences in no small degree the attachment which he bears to the cause of the Association. The proceedings of the Conference cannot yet be made public, but the Rev. Mr. Lowy has embodied the result of his enquiries concerning the state of the Russian Jews in a most able and exhaustive report, which will be found in Appendix I).
Morocco, in the latter part of last year, was the scene of a frightful outrage against the Jews. The
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