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letters of appeal, of which the following are translations :—-
Paris, 21st July, 1873.
Gentlemen,—Among the various works which together constitute the mission of the Alliance, that of the Russian Jews has become one of the most important. Established, in 1869 to aid the Jewish population of Western Russia, at that time decimated by a horrible famine, it has to the best of its means succeeded in stemming the ravages of the plague, promoted the emigration of adults to America, and rescued numerous orphans.
These children have by the care of our Committees been placed in various centres of Jewish population ; they have been educated and taught trades. Many of them have thus been enabled to become industrious workmen, have been trained to moral pursuits, and rendered capable of gaining an honest livelihood.
The honour of this work, which corresponds in Europe with that of the schools in the East and Morocco, chiefly belongs to the Committees of Konigsberg, Liegnitz, and Cologne, and to the devotion and unlimited charity of the eminent men of which they are composed. The good which they have accomplished is immense, and beyond all praise.
Unfortunately, notwithstanding the prodigious efforts made four years ago by the charity of our co-religionists, the resources furnished to the Committee of Konigsberg were not inexhaustible. To-day, the funds raised by the subscription opened in 1869 are exhausted, and at the same time the state of our income, more than swallowed up by increasing expenses, forbids us to grant further supplies. It has become equally impossible to stop the work which has been begun. Independently of our engagements with masters for the apprenticeship of our pupils, are we not morally pledged to those unhappy Jewish populations of Russian-Poland who have no other hope but in us, and who, were we to abandon them to-day, would become ineffably wretched! and those orphans who await our help, ought we to send them away, and say to them, " We can do nothing more for you, we have no more money !" Read in our reports the statements sent from 1869 by the Committees of Konigsberg and Cologne; the figures and the facts contained in them are eloquent pleaders. It is, moreover, undeniable that our Russian co-religionists have equal claims on our assistance with the Jews of Turkey, Roumania, and Morocco.
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