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To His Majesty the Emperor of ail the Russias.
Sire,—Amid the public rejoicings which in the palace of the Czar, in his capital, in all the towns and hamlets of his vast Empire, proclaim the joyful marriage of a princess beloved by all; amid the songs of joy of a whole people, and which in the boscm of each family usher in the joyful event in your august house, your Majesty will everywhere see, amongst the nation given over to gladness, a countless number of your subjects, descendants of the most ancient race, devoted heart and soul, and animated with feelings of the most respectful tenderness to the Prince whose sceptre extends to all an equal and benign protection.
Sire, three millions of Jews invoke the God of their fathers, who for so many years has preserved the sons of the Patriarchs, His chosen ones. They implore Him to shower all His favours, all His blessings, on the two families who are about to be united by the most sacred of all ties.
Sire, this ancient race, these Jews, who form part of your subjects, but a short time ago united with all the nations of the civilized world in praising that great and holy law issued by your Imperial Majesty, which openly proclaimed the ^ emancipation of the serfs throughout your empire, in which your loving-kindness will only have subjects enjoying equal rights, and possessing equal freedom.
What a step is this in the history of humanity ; what a glorious privilege for the prince who pronounced these magnificent words, " God created all men equal; by one fatal law you became the slaves of other men; in the name of God I repeal this unjust law, and I restore to you your natural
liberty." _
Sire, history has indelibly inscribed this great fact among the most remarkable acts of your reign, and it will leave a mark in the human race which can never be effaced.
Sire! the Jews lift up their voice in supplication to your throne. They alone throughout the vast dominions of the Russias ; they alone are not the equals of all the subjects of the Emperor ; and, notwithstanding, they dare affirm that not one of those subjects is more wholly attached to your Majesty, or more religiously devoted to the Russian Empire.
Sire, advance one step further in that career on which your name sheds all its lustre. Deign, Sire, to proclaim the equality of the Russian Jews before the law. God Himself invites you to do so. You are about to unite your beloved daughter to a
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