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the formation of schools, and of furthering the educational plans of the Alliance ; and that body has taken advantage of an opportunity which has recently presented itself, and is about to have sent over to Paris three Persian youths to be there trained as teachers, and ultimately sent back to their native country to establish Schools, and to disseminate Western culture and Western ideas among our unfortunate brethren. The Council propose to assist in the undertaking to the utmost of their power.
The political and social condition of the Jews of Russia has for many years been very sad. It would take up too much space to attempt to enumerate here all the disabilities under which they are now, and have for many centuries been, labouring; but some idea may be formed of them when it is stated that the Jews are not allowed to enjoy any privileges or to share in any of the rights which are granted to the other subjects of the Czar. To every law and edict which has for its object to confer any advantages on the Russian, there is appended one fatal clause, " Les Juifs exceptes." It is easy, therefore, to conceive the state in which the Jews must be, and the fact is only too patent that they have no part or inheritance in the Empire of Russia. The Alliance of Paris and this Association resolved, if possible, to plead the cause of their brethren before the Emperor, and to endeavour to prevail upon him to place his Jewish subjects on a footing of equality with the rest of the denizens of the Russian Empire. With this object in view, a petition, of which the following is a translation, was forwarded to the Czar, and received by him on the occasion of the marriage of H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh with the Grand Duchess.
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