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relieve our brethren in his dominions. And not only was this done in Europe, but even our Australian brethren followed suit; for from Melbourne—the seat of our Victorian Branch—came a petition to the like effect, signed by the heads of the various congregations in the Australian colonies, and thus giving expression to the Jewish feelings which animate our brethren in the southern hemisphere. This petition was forwarded to Persia, through the kindness of the Foreign Office; and intelligence has just reached us, in the following letter, that it has been placed in the hands of Nassr Ed Din, and favourably received.
Foreign Office, May 18th, 1874.
Sib,—I am directed by the Earl of Derby to inform you that a despatch has been received from Her Majesty's Minister at Teheran, in which Mr. Thomson reports that he personally presented to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, by whom it was immediately transmitted with a favourable recommendation to the Shah, the Petition in behalf of the Jews of Persia from the Australian branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, at Melbourne, which formed the enclosure to your letter to Earl Grranville, of the 20th of January last.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient, humble servant,
The Secretary to the Anglo-Jewish Association,
1, Furnival's Inn, E.G.
The various addresses presented to that potentate, and the replies, have been collected and translated into Hebrew, and copies sent to the leading congregations of Persia. The Rev. A. Lowy, with his usual kindness, translated the petition presented by our body. It is fervently hoped that the efforts made will not prove in vain. Indeed, the Council have reason to believe this will not be the case; for the Persian Government has intimated its intention of facilitating
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