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of that Holy Land towards which are turned the pious thoughts of the whole of the civilised world, and the name of which awakens within us so many glorious and touching reminiscences.
Your meeting precedes but by a few days a Conference at which delegates from the Alliance are to consider the means of continuing the aid afforded by our Society to the Jewish population of the West of Russia. You are not ignorant how the various communities of Europe have vied with each other in rendering assistance to our co-religionists of those provinces to which our attention had been called by the famine of 1869.
Relief for their sufferings has been sought by the promotion of emigration among the young and industrious men, and by communities or families apprenticing or adopting the children, and particularly the orphans. It is for the purpose of forming a regular organization for this object, and of securing its development, that the delegates of the branches of the Alliance are to meet at Konigsberg on the 21st. April next. They will find a powerful encouragement in the promise of your assistance.
Gentlemen, believe it, we are with you at this meeting, which will be attended by so many eminent men, all animated by the same feeling of brotherhood, devotion, and charity. That your deliberations may be productive of the excellent results of which they give earnest; that your noble efforts may be crowned with success ; this is our most sincere wish, our dearest hope.
On behalf of the Central Committee,
Ad. CEIsMIEUX, President.
Isid. LOEB, Assistant-Secretary.
The Council cannot close this portion of their report without again conveying to Mr. Bassoon their most cordial thanks for the truly valuable service which he has rendered to the cause by the soiree given by him, to the eminent success of which he so powerfully contributed by the liberality of his arrangements, the courtesy of his reception, the excellent address delivered by him, and by the princely munificence displayed in every detail connected with the entertainment. The Council desire also to record here their grateful acknowledgments to the artistes who placed then-gratuitous services at their disposal; to the gentlemen who were kind enough to lend them various objects of
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