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upon at the last moment by his medical advisers to forego the journey. Not content with sending a delegate, the Alliance, in order more completely to denote the friendly feelings which they entertain towards us, addressed to our President a letter, of which the following is a translation :
Paris, 24 March, 1874.
To the President of the, Anglo-Jewish Association.
Sir,—We beg to convey to you on the occasion of the meet-ting which you have convened for the 25th inst., on behalf of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, the expression of our heart-felt and affectionate sympathy, which we trust you will be kind enough to receive.
At the same time, we are glad to avail ourselves of the opportunity to thank the Anglo-Jewish Association publicly for the admirable assistance which, from the moment of its foundation until now, it has never ceased to render to the various works of progress and civilization undertaken by the Alliance. Even in days gone by the Israelites of your country had shown their willingness to second our efforts, and it may be permitted us here to call to mind our English subscribers who helped and encouraged us : that eminent member of Parliament who is your colleague, and whom we also claim as ours, whose constant co-operation has always been so valued by us, and who at the very outbreak of the war gave us s6 touching and so generous a proof of his friendship ; finally the Honourable Board of Deputies, which has on so many occasions associated itself with us, and for many years subsidized the greater number of our schools in Morocco. For all these services which we have received ; for all the good will which we have met with ; we have preserved, and always shall preserve, a grateful remembrance.
The Anglo-Jewish Association has formed a new centre, around which have grouped themselves these various elements, somewhat different, it is true, in their constitution, and it has become in a short time a powerful and prosperous society. Thanks to the institutions of your country ; thanks to the generous feelings towards all who are oppressed which animate the Legislative Chambers, the Government and the people of England ; thanks, finally, to the spirit of enterprise which is
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