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they are as good citizens and patriots as other men, and that they can contribute in an equal degree with other men to the improvement and good of the country in which it is their lot to dwell.
For this purpose they must be educated and trained to useful pursuits ; their minds must be enlarged and cultivated, and the beneficent influence of Western learning and ideas imparted to them. To do this schools are necessary and teachers-—and the Alliance of Paris was the first to perceive it—and in this direction must be turned the chief efforts of our Association. As yet, of course, our body is but young, and does not possess all the machinery that is needed ; but time will supply this, and in the meanwhile stout hearts and open purses have not been wanting ; and in particular the Council would refer to one anonymous gentleman who has placed at their disposal the annual sum of £200 during a period of five years, to be applied towards the promotion of secular education by means of the subvention of teachers. The conditions attached to this gift, and the reasons for them, can be best explained by reference to the scheme which was submitted to, and accepted by, the Council, and which will be found reprinted in Appendix C.
The Council have, moreover, done their -utmost during the past year to further these "great objects by making, as far as their funds would permit, grants to several Eastern schools, and they will continue these should their means allow them to do so.
Financially, as will be perceived from the statement appended to this Report, the Association is in a very prosperous condition. Although our balance-sheet, in consequence of the early date fixed for our annual meeting, only extends over eleven months, it may still be contrasted most favourably with that presented last year. Our subscriptions have increased, and, although the amount received from donations does not reach that which appeared in our last budget,
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