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removed. And some will say, "Of what good are your protests? what have they done hitherto? what effect will they have on fanaticism, superstition, and prejudice ?" To these the Council would answer in the words of the Chief Rabbi of Paris, " Protests are the weapons of the weak; right must assert itself and speak out. Protests are like the drop of water which, dripping continually, at last wears out the solid rock. If fanaticism is this rock, protests, our drop of water, will at length wear it away." And to make these protests have their due force what is requisite ? It is necessary that they should be uttered by a representative body, and the larger the number of the persons whom this body represents the more weight will have our protests. The work is vast and can be shared by all'; every one can contribute; none are too poor, none too weak. All the Association asks of the outside public is but adhesion and sympathy, and, when it is known that these may be expressed by the subscription of an almost nominal sum, surely none will refuse to join and to unite their voices to ours.
But -the Anglo-Jewish Association has yet other claims upon the goodwill of the public. Protests are but one of the means which it employs for the attainment of its great ends. It has recognised two things ; first, that one ofthe great causes of the evils to which the Jews are exposed in many parts of the world, especially in the East, is attributable in a certain measure to their own ignorance and want of culture; and secondly, that in order that the burden may be effectually removed from their shoulders, our brethren must do something towards it themselves, and prove by the exercise of those talents which Providence has bestowed upon them that they are worthy of the position which they claim as their right. They must show by their industry and the employment of those gifts which God has given to every one—but in a remarkable degree to the Jew—that they are not inferior to other men ; that
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