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Prince and Princess of Wales on the occasion of the marriage of the Princess Louise of Wales with the Duke of Fife. The Council likewise tendered their congratulations to two Vice-Presidents of the Anglo-Jewish Association, viz., to Sir Henry A. Isaacs on his entering upon his functions as Lord Mayor, and to Sir Albert Sassoon, C.S.I., on the occasion of a baronetcy of the United Kingdom being conferred upon him by Her Majesty.
The Association has, had to deplore the death of several zealous friends and supporters. Although the Anglo-Jewish Association did not come within the immediate scope of the work of the lamented Chief Rabbi, the Rev. Dr. N. M. Adler, the Council desire to place on record their sense of the interest which he at all times took in their efforts to improve the condition of the Jews in distant lands. The late Sir Benjamin Phillips, as a Vice-President of this Association, showed that his labours to secure the rights of his co-religionists in England, and to raise their status as a religious Community, were not limited to this country, and that he fully sympathised with work of a cognate character which the Anglo-Jewish Association strives to accomplish for Jews situated in less favoured circumstances abroad. Through the death of Mr. Philip Falk the Council lost a colleague who for several years took an active part in their deliberations. The late Mr. S. Samuels, of Ballarat (Australia), has given proof of his interest in the Association by bequeathing a legacy of £25 to the Ballarat Branch, of which he was a founder.
In the Eighteenth Annual Report (pp. 12 and 13) a letter was published from Mr. B. Newgass, who generously offered to add £1,000 to his former subscription of £200 to the Education Fund, on condition that the proposed original minimum of £10,000 was raised by the 1st of November last. Notwithstanding that wide publicity, by an appeal to the Community, was given to Mr. Newgass's offer, no adequate response was made. The Council have, however, the pleasure to report that Mr. Newgass has waived the stipulation accompanying his offer, and that he has accordingly placed in the hands of the Trustees of the Education Fund bonds the
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