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members you are able to make yourselves heard, and can bring your influence to bear on the British Parliament. You are able wherever the Jew is oppressed, in whatever country in Europe or throughout the world injustice is done, you are able through your representatives in the British Parliament, to bring forward his case, and you are sure of finding a sympathetic ear whenever the case of the oppressed is pleaded. (Applause.) It has often been my privilege, as it has been my duty, to co-operate with my honourable friends in these matters, and though much has been done, there yet remains a great deal of work to accomplish. I am delighted to see the splendid educational work which your Association is doing—it is simply marvellous what yon have done in the East, and what you aie doing in parts of Europe, especially in the Balkan provinces, and in Syria. I have greatly admired the technical work done in your school at Jerusalem, and of which we have seen some excellent specimens here to-night. The carving in particular is worthy of Italian art. (Cheers.) " It would not be creditable to you if you do not continue your good work, for no one can forget that you, the Jews, weie the first people to enforce compulsory education; and I remember it was said that more than 2,000 years ago your wise men declared that the town which did not provide schools ought to be destroyed. (Applause.) Some of the best texts on education which I have ever read I found in the translation of some Rabbinical works, and I remember it stated that more than 2,000 years ago you made it a duty for every community to provide education for their children. That being so you have inherited the noblest of traditions, and you are doing wisely and well in maintaining those traditions. It is, however, deplorable to my mind to think that in Europe there are to-day only two Parliaments—England and Italy—-which are free from race prejudices. It is to me a marvel that to-day in Germany, the best educated country in Europe, there should be an anti-Jewish party ; and that there should be men calling themselves advanced Christians, who keep up the miserable remnants of race hatreds and prejudices which go by the name of Judenhetze. (Applause.) Well, gentlemen, having said so much, let me thank you for your hospitality and the kind reception which you have given me, and let me thank my old friend (Sir John Simon) for the kind words which he has said of me. I hope he will let me wish him many long years of happiness and usefulness ; let me wish that the sun will always shine upon him, and that after many years yet to come he may go down to his grave full of years and honours; and m conclusion I wish success to your valuable and national Association. (Loud cheers.)
Mr. Bradlaugh, M.P. : It will, Sir Julian, certainly add a new terror to dining out if one is to have one s character manipulated and laid before one in the manner that mine has been laid before me this evening. Sir John Simon and Mr. Mundella have, luckily foi me, only given you one side of my character, and I shall very carefully
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