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be elected as Members of the Council for the ensuing two years :—
Mr. M. Aflalo.
Mr. Lazare Allatini.
Mr. J. Bergtheil.
Mr. M. Castello.
Mr. E. H. d'Avigdor.
Dr. Maurice Davis.
Mr. B. A. Elkin.
Mr. Barrow Emanuel, M.A.
Mr. Philip Falk.
Rev. Dr. M. Gaster.
Mr. F. H. Harvey-Samuel.
Mr. A. Hofiinung.
Mr. G. S. Joseph, B.A.
Mr. Delissa Joseph.
Mr. Walter Josephs.
Mr. Hermann Landau.
Mr. Herbert G. Lousada.
Rev. A. Lowy.
Sir Philip Magnus.
Lieut.-Col. Montefiore.
Mr. Arthur Sebag Montefiore.
Mr. Edward Montefiore Micholls.
Mr. B. Newgass.
Mr. Daniel Schloss.
Mr. Oswald J. Simon.
Mr. I. Spielman.
Mr. Edward D. Stern.
13th MAY,
Br the Rt. Hon. A. J. Mundella, M.P., Mb,. Charles Bradlaugh, M.P., and the President of the Association.
Mb. Mundella, M.P. : When I came into the room I had no idea that I should be called on to make a speech in respect of this toast, and when I was informed that I should be called on to respond to the toast " The Houses of Parliament/' the information went some way towards spoiling my dinner—(laughter)—for I can assure you it is never a very easy task for a member of Parliament to respond to the toast of both Houses of Parliament in an assembly of mixed politicians, as there are sure to be some who regard the Government with affection, and some, on the other hand, who are wishing that it was already passing through the throes of dissolution. (Hear, hear, and laughter.) Now the toast is not merely one to the House of Commons, but to both Houses of Parliament, and with one House I have very little acquaintance, and in this respect I am like my old friend, Sir John Simon. He has told you that he never went beyond the bar of that House. I have gone a little beyond that, for as a Privy Councillor I am entitled to stand within the rails at the foot of the throne, but my acquaintance is, like his, limited to looking on and listening to debates, and therefore I shall not trouble you with any reference to that august assembly. I cannot pass over the affectionate terms in which Sir John Simon has spoken of me ;
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