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work during that time has been, and how it has been performed, may to some extent be gathered from the Annual Reports ; but the zeal with which you devoted yourself to your duties, and the ceaseless vigilance with which you brought to the cognisance of the Council and its Committees every matter that might possibly come within the sphere of action of the Association, can be known only to those who have been most intimately associated with you in this work. It is a source of great satisfaction to the Council to feel that, in resigning the post you have held so long, you retire in good health, and in the full possession of all that makes life desirable ; and this satisfaction will be shared by every member of the Association and by the community at large.
The regret felt by your colleagues at your retirement is further much diminished bv the knowledge that they will still have the advantage of your advice and assistance as a Member of the Council, and also, it is hoped, of its Committees ; and they are confident that the services so freely given by you in the early years of the Association, when you acted as one of the Honorary Secretaries, will be accorded with equal willingness now that the Society which you then helped to form has acquired a leading place among the institutions of the Anglo-Jewish Community.
Signed, on behalf of the Council,
London, 30tli June, 1889.
The following resolutions were unanimously adopted:—
1. Moved by the Chairman, and seconded by the Rev. Dr. Caster, that the Annual Report and Balance-sheet be adopted.
2. Moved by Mr. Leopold Scliloss, and seconded by Mr. Walter Josephs, that a vote of thanks be given to the President.
3. Moved by Mr. H. Guedalla, and seconded by Mr. II. Landau, that a vote of thanks be given to the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, Council, and Committees.
4. Moved by Mr. A. G. Ilenriques, and seconded by Mr. Lucien Wolf, that a vote of thanks be given to the Hon. Officers and Committees of Branches, and to the Treasurers of Agencies.
5. Moved by Mr. B. Kisch, and seconded by Mr. L. E. Pyke, that a vote of thanks be given to the Auditors, Mr. H. II. Collins and Mr. Charles Davis, and that they be re-elected Auditors for the ensuing year.
6. Moved by the President that a vote of thanks be given to the Committee of the Westminster Jews' Free School.
The following twenty-seven gentlemen were declared to
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