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in the different parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa with which we have to deal, and I gladly turn from this painful and sad picture to the report dealing with education. This Association contributes towards the support of nineteen schools in different parts of the East, and the Report contains brief summaries of the results obtained. At a previous meeting, Sir Philip Magnus referred to the advantages of technical education in the East as in the West, especially in enabling lads and girls to obtain remunerative employment on leaving school; and I am glad to say that the technical teacher whom we sent out to Jerusalem has done most useful work in fitting lads to take good positions in various parts of Syria. That is an example which should be largely followed. (Hear, hear). It is my duty to refer to the special education fund which was started some years since by my friend and colleague, Mr. E. M. Henriques, of Manchester. This fund was started with the view of raising an education fund of £10.000. At the end of last year, however, only £6,000 was subscribed, and a meeting was held a short time ago, at which the following resolution was passed :—"That should any occasion arise, such as the building, enlarging, repairing, or equipping schools abroad, requiring expenditure of capital, sums may be voted from the Education Fund by the Executive Committee subject to the approval of the Council specially summoned for the purpose. Upon any such vote the Trustees shall sell out an amount sufficient to meet the grant, and pay it to the Treasurer of the Association. The income of the Fund shall be invested from time to time, and go in augmentation of the Fund." That is very good, and I cordially approve of it so far as it goes, but to make up the fund of £10,000, £4,000 are still wanted. I wish, therefore, to draw your special attention to the letter of Mr. Newgass, printed in the Report, and I need only trouble you by reading the concluding sentence : "I am thankful to the Almighty to be able to contribute £1,000 in addition to my former subscription ; this, however, is conditional upon the amount originally proposed being collected, or promised, on or before November 1st next." (Cheers). I wish to point out that the result of this generous offer is that we only require £3,000 more to complete this Education Fund, and I do trust that our friends will by their subscriptions enable us to obtain this £1,000, for in no better cause can money be subscribed. (Hear, hear). I should like here to say a few words on a subject which has been much discussed as to whether we are right in subscribing money for the benefit of Jews not in England. Some people assume that it is not our duty to look after Jews who do not live in this happy island ; but most of us maintain the opinion that this is much too narrow a view of the duty of the Jews. (Applause). Our first duty is, of course, to look after those at home, but it is not our only duty; and if we wish to improve those who are cut off from the benefits which we ourselves enjoy, we cannot do better than to offer them an education. (Hear, hear). I desire to thank the Jewish press for the able articles
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