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Mahomedan has the right to claim the property of his family—a law which holds out a horrible inducement to persons not guided by religious motives to change their religion. (Hear, hear.) Under these circumstances, some persons may ask, " What is the good of making any representation ? " I reply there is a great deal of good. The son of the Shah, the Governor of one of the most important provinces in the kingdom, has shown a desire to treat the Jews fairly, and has always endeavoured to maintain their just rights and privileges. In the other provinces, where the Governors are not actuated by the same righteous motives, we may assume that they will be influenced in their conduct towards the Jews when they see the head of the State desirous of giving them the same rights as the rest of his subjects; and further 1 am in hopes that good will result from the attitude taken by Malcom Khan, who for many years has been His Majesty's representative in this country. (Hear, hear). I now proceed to deal with other countries mentioned in the Report, and first and foremost I must refer to the condition of our brethren in Russia. I greatly regret to say that there is practically no improvement in the position of the Jews in that great Empire ; some people indeed say that their position has steadily grown worse. In the first place, as you will see by the Report, the Jews have had their full share of the distress consequent on the decline of business, the result of the continual internal disorders, and the evergrowing feeling of unsafety which has prevailed during the last eight years. One of the results of that feeling is the large and continued emigration of capable and able-bodied Jews from the country. The number of emigrants to countries where they may by honest industry become more prosperous and gain the respect and esteem of their fellow-citizens, is yearly increasing. Following the example sot by the Committee of the Lord Mayor's Fund, many families have been sent over to America, where they have gained the position and reward to which their efforts and intelligence entitle them. (Hear, hear). What has been the result of this emigration on the Jews in Russia ? In some respects it is very serious, because if the able-bodied members of the families go abroad, the suffering and distress is increased amongst those who remain at home ; while on the other hand later on those who go away and prosper send assistance to those at home, and enable them in some cases to leave the country, so that in the end this emigration is a benefit. (Hear, hear). The report speaks of the rigour with which the Jews are treated, and a paragraph appeared in the Jewish Chronicle of the 1st of March, which affords an instructive example. The paragraph is headed: " Expelling a Centenarian from Kieff." I refer to this case amongst others as showing the tendency of the party in authority in Russia to treat the Jews most rigorously. Here is another matter which most seriously affects the rising generation. In Russia only 3 per cent, of the pupils in the schools and colleges are permitted to be Jews, and the result of that out-
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