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nineteenth annual report.
Held on June 30th, 1889,
Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., M.P., President, in the Chair.
The Chairman addressed the meeting as follows on the year's work of the Association:—
There are some things so important, that the method or manner of saying them will not be considered. We are reminded at the commencement of the Report of losses which we have sustained ; losses so well known and deplorable that it is not necessary for me to discuss the merits of the persons referred to, especially as they are so well set out in the Report itself. Then I have to come to the two main subjects which occupy every President in his address, namely, the efforts which the Association has made during the year to prevent oppression, and the exertions which have been put forth to promote education in the East of Europe and in Asia. These two subjects are of great importance. It is the custom first to refer to matters relating to persecution, and on this occasion I shall call your attention first to Persia. Everyone in this room knows that to-morrow the Shah, the great ruler of Persia, will honour this country with a visit for the second time ; and that amongst the various entertainments to be provided for him, some are to be given by distinguished Jews in London. We hail this fact all the more because of the action which the Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association have resolved to adopt, namely, to wait upon the Shah and call his attention to the lamentable condition of his Jewish subjects ; and we do not know what good impression may be left on his mind by this goodwill shown towards him in England by Jewish citizens occupying high and most honourable social positions. (Hear.) On the former occasion when the Shah came to England, a deputation waited on him, who pointed out to him many of the disabilities of the Jews of Persia ; and I think I cannot do better than refer you to a most able article on that subject wrhich appeared in the Jewish Chronicle of Friday last, narrating the circumstances connected with the Persian Jews during the last 30 years. I don't know who wrote the article, but it shows an intimate knowledge of Perso-Jewish affairs, interesting not only to the Jews themselves, but also to all whom Persian affairs concern. Many of the grievances which we dealt with on the previous occasion, we shall have to refer to again, and especially the law which provides that a Jew who turns
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