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nineteenth annual report.
tion in Bible and Religion should be given through the medium of the Roumanian language, although this course entailed an additional charge on the School funds. The institution has suffered heavily through the discontinuance, owing to the unfavourable state of trade, of the ball hitherto given every year in aid of the School.
Jerusalem.—(207 pupils, including 120 in the Technical School; subvention, £250.) — 25 of the pupils are boarders at the School. Of these, 3 only belong to Jerusalem; the remainder are from Adrianople, Aleppo, Alexandria, Bagdad, Beyrout, Constantinople, Cyprus, Damascus, Haifa, Jaffa, Port Said, and Smyrna. 20 of the boarders receive instruction exclusively in the Technical School. Of the day scholars, only 12 pay fees. A valuable adjunct to the School is the library, which contains about 1,500 volumes, and which is extensively used, not alone by the pupils, but by adults outside the institution. The department for the teaching of handicrafts has been greatly improved by the acquisition of more extensive premises, which have permitted a larger installation of workshops; nine trades are taught, the workshop for mechanics being still under the charge of Mr. John Price. At the dinner in aid of the funds of this Association, the highest praise was bestowed by the Right Hon. A. J. Mundella, M.P., and the company generally, on the specimens of work produced by the apprentices at the Jerusalem School. The Association has forwarded a further quantity of implements to the Technical Department, the cost of which has been principally met by a generous donation from Mr. F. D. Mocatta.
Mogador (Morocco).—(107 pupils; subvention, £80, including £10 from the London Council of the Morocco Relief Fund.)—In view of the increase in the number of pupils, the Council have augmented their subvention by £20, towards paying the salary of an Assistant Mistress. This lady, like the Principal, Mrs. M. Corcos, is a native of London, and since her arrival last winter in Mogador has given entire satisfaction in the discharge of her duties.
Philipfopolis (Eastern Roumelia).—(218 pupils; sub-
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