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support which the institution has hitherto received from the Anglo-Jewish Association of London, the Government of Bombay, and the Bassoon family.
The Council are in communication with Mr. Haeem Samuel, relative to his proposal for removing the Beni-Israel School to more commodious premises on the expiration of the present agreement, either by renting another building or by erecting one which shall be the property of the Institution.
Broussa (Asia Minor).—(Boys' School, 92 pupils; subvention, £40.)—This School has since its establishment, in 1886, exercised an appreciable moral effect on the Jewish population of Broussa. Parents have become convinced that only by a regular attendance at school can their children on completing their education find employment which will assure them a respectable livelihood.
Bucharest.—(Loebel School, 880 pupils; subvention, £20 ; "Munca" Professional School, 40 apprentices; subvention, £40.)—In the Loebel School 127 children, who furnished proofs of their poverty, are exempted from the payment of fees. A portion of the grant from the Anglo-Jewish Association is expended in the purchase of books for the poorer pupils. The two modern languages taught at the School are Roumanian and German. The half-yearly examination which was held in February showed that the pupils had made gratifying progress in their studies. Two subjects have been added to the curriculum—singing and gymnastics, neither of which is taught in the elementary schools maintained by the State. The gymnastic apparatus is the gift of a member of the Jewish Community.
The Council have made a special grant of £40 to the Munca Society, which was established in 1883, for the purpose of teaching trades to, and of apprenticing Jewish children of both sexes. The Society has at present under its charge 15 male apprentices, each of whom costs the institution £12 a year. In the summer of last year the Society opened a free school, in which 35 girls receive instruction in needlework, embroidery, and in cutting out and making up various articles
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