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advanced and educated races. The fact that Beni-Israel girls, who did not even know how to read or write their vernacular until the establishment of the School, should have now studied as far as the Sixth Standard of English, certainly marks an important epoch in the progress of education among the Beni-Israel Community, which was until recently one of the most backward Communities in India, and we hope that in course of time these girls will themselves be fit to take charge of their Alma Mater, when they will have finished their own education. The drawing class opened in connection with the School appears to have made fair progress; out of 13 boys that presented themselves last year for the first grade examination of the School of Art, 5 passed in all subjects, and 1 of them obtained a prize in practical geometry, 1 passed in two subjects, 6 in one subject, and 1 failed in all subjects. Of the number of successful students, 3 are now preparing for second grade, while 31 are studying for the first grade. The gymnasium class attached to the School has also made good progress, and bids fair to provide for the physical education of the children attending this institution, but owing to the want of a spacious ground the sphere of its work has been limited.
We gratefully acknowledge the good results of the visit of Lord and Lady Reay, which proved very beneficial to the School, as it was in consequence of their visit that Mr. Noor Mohemed Jaizazbhoy Peerbhoy presented a piano to the School, for which we offer our best thanks. The timely gift of a book called " The Ancient Melodies of the Liturgy of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, harmonized by Emanuel Aguilar," by the Rev. Dr. M. Gaster, Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic Congregation in London, has proved to be of great assistance to the School in teaching girls Hebrew songs on an improved system, and to the accompaniment of the piano. We have to offer our best thanks to Dr. Gaster for this present.
Molvi Chiragally of Hyderabad, Deccan, paid a visit to the School, and gave a donation of Rs. 50. Mr. Ardasseer Sorabjee Dustur Comadina gave a silver cup for presentation to the best female student of the School. The prize was won by Miss Rebecca Haeem of the Fifth Standard. We acknowledge these gifts with thanks.
Dr. Abraham Hyams has kindly offered to teach, gratuitously, history and science for an hour every day in the School, an offer for which we tender our grateful thanks.
In conclusion, we have to offer our best thanks for the
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