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nineteenth annual report.
Bombay.—(151 boys, 91 girls; subvention, £200.)—The following is an abstract of the Report which has been furnished by Mr. Haeem Samuel, President of the School Committee :—
Two years have passed away since the last prize distribution. The visit of His Excellency Lord Eeay, who was pleased to preside, and of Lady Eeay, who was kind enough to distribute the piizes on that occasion, is certainly a great incident in the annals of the history of the Israelite School, and will gratefully be remembered in years to come by the present and future generations of Beni-Israel. So far as the higher branches of education are concerned, we feel great pleasure in. congratulating two Beni-Israel gentlemen, Messrs. Abraham Hyams and Samuel Jacob Shirkolker, who took their decrees of L.M.V.S. in the University of Bombay at the beginning of 1889, after the successful termination of their course of study in the Great Medical College. With regard to the progress made towards the improvement of the financial position of the Israelite School, the period under report was on the whole one of great activity, and w&s characterized by a series of efforts made to improve its condition. We have pointed out more than once that the Israelite School is the only institution of its kind in Bombay where Beni-Israel children can receive education suited to the requirements of modern times without any interference with their religion, and it is to be regretted that the institution could not be further developed owing to a number of difficulties standing in its way. Several attempts were made to raise funds sufficient to ensure its permanent existence and to bring about its further development.
We are glad to state that Government have, since 1st April, 1888, increased the amount of their grant from Rs. 1,560 to Rs. 2,000. Messrs. David Sassoon and Co. have increased their subscription from Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 per annum, and the Anglo-Jewish Association of London has increased its subvention from £160 to £200 per annum. This increase in the resources of the institution has enabled us to continue the drawing class and to open a gymnasium. It has also enabled us to make provision for teaching music, singino- and English to the girls of the institution.
A short sketch of the history of Beni-Israel, compiled from notes collected years ago by Mr. Haeem Samuel for a work on Bern-Israel, together with an appeal for their education, was published and copies sent to every quarter, but with the
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