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1 The Sanitary Condition of tee Jewish Quarters.
The subject of the unhealthy condition of the Jewish Mellahs in various Moorish towns has again occupied the attention of the Council, owing to the complaints made by travellers and by the press at Tangier. Representations were therefore made to the heads of some Jewish Communities, notably at Mogador, where in former years the cleansing of the Mellahs and other hygienic measures had been carried out by means of grants from this Association. The Council are pleased to report that their suggestions for remedying the evil at Mogador have been acted, upon by the Jewish authorities.
bagdad. — (200 pupils; subvention, £150; apprenticing department, 20 apprentices; subvention, £36.)—Mr. Morris Cohen continues to impart English instruction to the pupils in the several classes of the Bagdad School. Proposals aie at present under consideration for giving still greater prominence to the English studies, in consequence of the importance of the commercial relations between Bagdad and India.
In accordance with the statements made in the Eighteenth Annual Report (p. 26), the following four trades, viz., those of blacksmith, tinsmith, potter (native pottery), and saddler, have been selected for the further apprenticing of a number of youths educated in the Bagdad School. These trades have hitherto been in the hands of Mahomedans and Christians, to the entire exclusion of Jews.
Beyrout.—(Boys' School, 103 pupils; Girls' School, 81 pupils; subvention, £60.)—There has been a slight diminution in the number of pupils attending these Schools, which may be attributed to the exceptional distress prevailing in the Jewish Community. Out of a total of 184 only 52 pay School fees. English is included in the subjects of instruction.
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