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the Tangier Branch stated that after careful consideration they had decided not to take any action, as the Sultan had given evident proofs of his benevolence and sympathy towards the Jews in his dominions. In support of this contention the following occurrences were cited. During his stay at Scliechuan the Sultan severely punished a number of his Moorish subjects for outrages committed on the Jews several months previously. His Majesty ordered the payment to the Jewish Community of a heavy indemnity, and the publication of his decree exercised a favourable influence on the Moorish population generally. At Tetuan the Sultan warmly recommended the Jews to the consideration of the Governor, and enjoined on that functionary the duty of treating them with fairness and justice, and of protecting them from ill-treatment by the Moors. His Majesty also granted to the Jews in Tetuan a plot of ground for the enlargement of their quarter (the Mellah). The loyal sentiments displayed by the Jews at Fez, Larache, and Tangier produced an excellent impression. Unfortunately the favourable disposition of the Sultan towards the Jews is not shared by many Governors of towns, who, being to some extent independent, frequently set His Majesty's orders at defiance. A case in point is the ill-treatment of Samuel Levy at Saffi by a relative of the Governor, with whose connivance he appeared to be acting. For interfering to protect a Jewess who was being assaulted in the streets by a Moor, Samuel Levy was arrested and incarcerated in a filthy dungeon. Previous to his arrest he received internal injuries of so severe a character, that European doctors who examined him in gaol certified that his continued imprisonment would be a source of danger to his life. As proper medical treatment was denied to him, the Conjoint Committee memorialised the Marquis of Salisbury to use his good offices with the view to Samuel Levy's prompt liberation and the punishment of his assailant. In the month of December the Council received from the Foreign Office the information that Levy had been released, and that the grievances of all parties had been inquired into and settled by the competent authorities.
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