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nineteenth annual report.
veyed it. He promised to cause a strict inquiry to be instituted, and to see that justice is administered in such a manner as to preclude all cause of anxiety and complaint on the part of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
I have, &c.,
E. T. Kennedy.
The Marquis of Salisbury, 6c., &c.
On the 4th November the Marquis of Salisbury informed the Conjoint Committee that "the Amin-es-Mulk has assured Her Majesty's Charge dAffaires at Teheran that measures have been and will be taken to remedy all grievances of which the Jews may have legitimate cause to complain."
In the month of October great alarm was occasioned among the Jews of Ispahan through attacks made upon them by a mob who had been incited to outrage, owing to an indiscreet act of a Jew. Several Jews were seriously injured, and one of their number succumbed to the ill-treatment he had received. The Anglo-Jewish Association took unofficial action in the matter, in order that the situation in Ispahan might be brought to the notice of the Shah. The Council have the satisfaction of again recording their deep sense of the humanity displayed by the Prince Zil-us Sultan, Governor of Ispahan, one of the sons of the Shah, who gave his powerful protection to the Jews, and prevented the spread of the disturbances, the Mahomedan instigator of which was summoned to Teheran by the Shah to render an account of his proceed-
Ti-ie Promotion op Education.
The Council are in correspondence with the Jewish Communities of Oormiah and Teheran relative to the establishment of schools in those places. It is admitted by the Jews in Persia, as also by well-wishers of other creeds, that the foundation of schools would materially contribute to the prosperity of the Jewish population, and would also be a source of protection from external dangers through the presence amongst them of European teachers. The question presents many difficulties, but they are not insurmountable. The Council
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