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loyalty the paternal care whereby your Majesty has acquired a glorious name in the history of Persian rulers.
Arthur Cohen, President London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews. J. Sebag Montefiore, Vice-President.
Albert Sassoon. Reuben D. Sassoon. Julian Goldsmid, President Anglo-Jewish Association. John Simon. F. D. Mocatta. Leopold Schloss. Ellis A. Franklin.
His Majesty graciously received the deputation, and gave them the assurance that the Jews were the objects of his utmost care and attention, and that he would gladly encourage the education of Jewish children in his dominions through the establishment of secular and religious schools. His Majesty desired it to be known that the humblest of his subjects had the right to appear before him, and to make to him personally any complaints of ill-treatment or of oppression.
Outrages at Shiraz and Ispahan.
The murder of a Jew at Shiraz was brought to the notice of the Association during the course of last year. Although the central authorities had ordered the arrest of the murderer, a local official had advised the Mahomedan populace to commit further atrocities. In view of the danger threatening the Jews of Shiraz, a memorial from the Conjoint Committee was sent to the Foreign Office, soliciting the intervention of Her Majesty's Government.
The following important despatch from the Acting Charge-dAffaires at Teheran relates to the foregoing subject of complaint :■—•
June IMh, 1889.
My Lord,
On receipt of your Lordship's telegram, No. 66 of the 19th inst., I requested the Nawab Hassan Ali Khan to call upon the Amin-es-Mulk, and to inquire whether the report
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