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1881, you were graciously pleased to modify the regulation excluding Jews from opening shops in the Bazaar, and to abrogate the law which allowed converts to Islam to deprive their Jewish relatives of rights of inheritance. Your Majesty's benign interest in the welfare of your Jewish subjects was further shown in 1886, when the shield of your august protection was efficiently thrown over a colony of Persian Jews, who in a neighbouring state had been exposed to harsh treatment.
As your gracious Majesty so benevolently received our former representations we feel encouraged at the present auspicious time to submit again a petition to your Majesty. Fully knowing that your Majesty takes the deepest interest in the education of your subjects, we entreat your Majesty to encourage the formation of schools to be attended by Jewish children, and to promote higher education amongst your Jewish subjects by admitting them upon an equal footing with their Maliomedau fellow-subjects to the schools you have established, so that they may be enabled to make some return for the benefits thus enjoyed in faithful service to their common country.
Finally, we petition your Majesty to renew throughout the provinces of Persia those gracious edicts which your Majesty has promulgated during the last sixteen years, and which through their repetition will still more effectually imbue all races, creeds and classes with principles of equality and enlightened toleration. For it occurs in some of the remoter provinces of your vast Empire, where the authorities have not the advantage of studying immediately and continuously your Majesty's enlightened and benevolent wishes, that many of the old usages of which your Majesty has disapproved are still resorted to, and in consequence the Jews in those regions are subjected to harsh and degrading treatment.
Most devoutly do we pray that the Providence of Almighty may, as hitherto, continue to protect your Majesty in all the great measures which are designed to attach the hearts of the subjects to the heart of the ruler, and which render both the Governors and the inhabitants throughout the land conscious that your Majesty permits no distinction to prevail in the treatment of different creeds; and that all subjects of your Majesty, whether Mahomedans or non-Mahomedans, are intended through the acquisition of knowledge, and through the teaching of good and useful occupations, to enhance the happiness of their own country, and to reward by their
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