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nineteenth annual eepoet.
Jewish Communities throughout Turkey to those holy places which undoubtedly belong to them.
Under these circumstances, we earnestly ask that your Lordship will be pleased to cause the complaints of the Jewish Community of Bagdad to be investigated, with a view, if possible, to the reversal of the order of the Council " A1 Istanaf," the release of the prisoners, and the confirmation of the title of the Community to the Shrine "Nabi Yoosha."
We have the honour to be,
Your Lordship's obedient Servants, Arthur Cohen, Albert Sassoon,
President of the Vice-President of the
Jewish Board of Deputies. Anglo-Jewish Association.
In reply to the foregoing communication the Conjoint Committee were informed, on the part of the Marquis of Salisbury, " that a copy will be forwarded to Her Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople, who will be requested to take such unofficial steps as he may be able to call the attention of the Porte to the proceedings of the authorities at Bagdad."
The correspondence on this subject was still being continued at the time that the Annual Report was passing through the press.
Persecutions at Diarbekir.
During the course of last summer the Alliance Israelite Universelle brought to the notice of the Anglo-Jewish Association particulars of acts of oppression to which the Jews in Diarbekir were subjected at the hands of a convert to Maliomedanism, and the Council were requested to bring the circumstances to the notice of the Foreign Office, the Alliance having taken similar steps in Paris. The Rev. A. Lowy being at the time in Constantinople, the Council deemed it preferable to refer the matter to him, with the view of direct representations being made to the Porte. Mr. Lowy adopted this course, and unofficially submitted statements of the case to the Turkish Government and to the British Am-
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