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handed manner in the tomb of Joshua, the High Priest; but seeing that they have from time to time buried their illustrious dead in the sepulchre in question, and that (according to the statement of two perfectly independent and trustworthy correspondents) they had obtained the express authority of the Governor to bury their late Chief Rabbi in this tomb, it is evident that the charge of unlawful burying or of violating the orders of the Governor is a mere subterfuge."
With reference to this memorial, Sir Philip W. Currie wrote on the 12th November:—
"In reply to your letter of the 8th inst., I am directed by the Marquis of Salisbury to state that Her Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople was on that day requested, by telegraph, to instruct the British Consul-General at Bagdad to intercede if necessary on behalf of the Jews of that place. A copy of your letter will also be forwarded to Constantinople by the first opportunity.
" I am to add that the Consul-General reports under date of the 10th inst. that he has anticipated the instructions sent to him, and that he has forwarded by post a full report of his proceedings. He further states that no grounds for alarm are visible at Bagdad."
On the 19th of the following month the Foreign Office communicated the facts that the remains of the late Rabbi had been disinterred by priests of his Community and re-interred in the Jewish cemetery, and that the Governor had been transferred to another post.
Unfortunately, the troubles of the Jews in Bagdad by no means ended with the removal of the Governor. During the month of February, Messrs. David Sassoon and Co. called the attention of the Council to the threatened expropriation by the Mahomcdan authorities at Bagdad of the Shrine already referred to, and to the alarm accordingly felt by the Jewish Community at the possibility of the Shrine being converted into a Mosque. The Association also received from Bagdad a communication stating that the Court of Appeal had sentenced twelve Jews, including four Rabbis, to twelve months' imprisonment and a pecuniary fine, for alleged com-
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