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the following day, when it was resolved to address the following memorial to the Marquis of Salisbury:—■
The Eight Honourable The Marquis of Salisbury, KG.,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, &c., &c., Foreign Office, Whitehall," S.W.,
25th October, 1889.
My Lord,
On behalf of the Conjoint Foreign Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association, we venture to solicit the kind interposition of Her Majesty's Government on behalf of the Jewish Community of Bagdad, who are suffering gross outrages at the hands of certain fanatical officials in that city.
We enclose an extract from a letter we have received from a trustworthy correspondent at Bagdad, dated the 80th September last, giving a narrative of the attacks upon the Jews, and the ill-treatment and imprisonment of the Ecclesiastical Heads and other members of the Community.
Messrs. D. Sassoon and Co., of this city, write us that they have received a like communication, and these gentlemen, who know Bagdad very well, regard the situation as one of the deepest gravity.
We earnestly hope that your Lordship, in the exercise of that benevolence and humanity which you have uniformly evinced towards our oppressed co-religionists in foreign parts, will be pleased to direct inquiries into the circumstances of the case, and if the statements in the accompanying extract be found to be correct, steps may be taken to obtain the immediate release of the innocent persons, compensation for the wrongs they have suffered, and some effective guarantee against the recurrence of such attacks upon the Jewish Community.
We have the honour to be,
Your Lordship's obedient Servants, M. Castello, Leopold Sci-iloss,
For President, Vice-President, Anglo-Jeivisli
Jewish Board of Deputies. Association.
In the enclosure referred to in the foregoing letter, it was mentioned that the outrages had their origin in an attempt of an official in the neighbourhood of Bagdad to prevent the burial of a venerated Rabbi in a sepulchre situated outside
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