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nineteenth annual report.
of the branches to assist the Parent Association with the means to carry out its benevolent aims in all parts of the world, and which it does with so much zeal, and so greatly to the benefit of those concerned, there should be scarcely a member of our faith in the Colony who is not enrolled as a subscriber of a large or small sum according to his position, so as to strengthen the hands of its Directors in London, and help to scatter its blessings over a wider field.
During the year the Rev. A. Lowy, who had so long held, and so faithfully administered the onerous office of Secretary, retired from the position by reason of advanced age. The regret with which such resignation was received by the Home Council is equally felt by our Branch. The interest taken by Mr. Lowy in the operations of the Association, especially in those which tended to ameliorate the condition of all who suffered under oppressive laws and exactions in illiberal countries, and the zeal, ability, and discrimination with which he carried out his instructions, have not alone been of inestimable service in a national point of view, but have awakened an interest in the outlying branches which might otherwise have lain dormant. So far as our Branch is concerned, it is beyond question that the interesting communications addressed by him, over a number of years, to our President and our Boards, have served to enlist the sympathies of subscribing members, and bind our connection as with a three-fold cord.
Our Branch is again indebted to the generosity of Mr. Alfred Shackel, of Grenfell, for defraying the expenditure of the past year by forwarding a cheque of £7. 17s. 9d. The Honorary Officers offer their earnest thanks to Mr. Shackel for a liberality which enables them to remit the subscriptions without any deduction.
A draft for £70 was forwarded to the Parent Association which was officially acknowledged in letter dated April 10th, while in that of July 9th the Secretary informed our Board that he had the agreeable duty of conveying the cordial thanks enthusiastically voted at the Annual Meeting by a large Assembly of local members, and in the presence of representatives of the branches.
The principal duties attached to our Branch and devolving upon the Honorary Secretary have been fulfilled by Mr. Morris Moss with the assiduity wdiich has characterised his past efforts, and are worthy of all praise.
Alexander B. Davis,
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